Celebrity Baby News: New Mom Cardi B Is Already ‘Embracing Motherhood’

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity baby news, it looks like Cardi B is loving motherhood. According to UsMagazine.com, celebrity couple Cardi B and Offset just welcomed their celebrity baby girl, Kulture. The birth of baby Kulture did nothing, but add more love and smiles to this celebrity relationship. Sources say, with guidance from family, Cardi is enjoying motherhood. Parenthood is just another notch added on Cardi’s belt of accomplishments.

In celebrity baby news, it didn’t take long for Cardi B to start embracing motherhood. What are some ways to adapt to parenthood?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being a first time parent is never easy. Between being extremely tired and overly careful, you need to remember to breath and take your time. Cupid has some advice on way to adapt to parenthood:

1. Ask for help: Never be afraid to ask for help. Your family and friends are there to help. Asking for help will help your transition into motherhood be a lot smoother. Getting ideas from others can only help you. As a first time parent you are not only exhausted but super cautious. Taking advice from others can simplify your life and if you’re lucky, can get in a little more rest.

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2. Give it time: Give parenthood time. Nobody perfects it on the first try. Your first child is when you learn and take notes. As frustrated as you may get, count to 10 and breathe. Don’t ever think parenthood is not for you. Time and patience will get you through. When you need a break or when things get too stressful, don’tbe afraid to say it.

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3. Stay positive: It is important that you stay positive. While there will be some says where you cranky and feel like you just can’t, remember, you can! While taking care of a newborn seems much at first, just wait for the terrible twos. By then you will be wishing your baby was a newborn again. Keeping a positive attitude will help you get through your rough patches. Enjoy your baby and stay positive.

What are some ways you would adapt to parenthood. Share below.

Celebrity News: Amy Schumer Clarifies Pregnancy Rumors With a Cocktail in Hand

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, comedian Amy Schumer shuts down pregnancy rumors with husband Chris Fischer by holding a cocktail. According to EOnline.com, Schumer posted a caption on Instagram alluding to the fact that the celebrity couple could be expecting their first celebrity baby. Schumer said, “@leesaevansstyle and I are cookin’ somethin’ up.” Unfortunately, her followers took it literally and Schumer had to apologize. She explained how she is coming out with a new clothing line and the celebrity couple will not be having a child. Schumer goes on to say, “That’s what I was trying to allude to, but thank you for thinking of my womb.”

It looks like this celebrity news may have been false! What are some ways to know you’re ready to have children with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Babies are not only a lot of work, but a lot of responsibility. Not having children doesn’t mean you and your partner love each other less, it’s just that you realize it may not be the right time. Cupid has some advice on ways to know if you and your partner are ready to have children:

1. Stability: Having a stable environment is extremely important when bringing children into the world. Make sure your situation is suitable before the baby comes. Although there may not be a “perfect” time to have a kid, ideally, a good time to have one is when you and your partner are stable yourselves as well as when you are together.

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2. Agreed?: Make sure you discuss the topic with your partner. The element of surprise may not be the best route when it comes to this topic. Because so much goes into have children, it is important to have a serious talk about having a baby. If your partner isn’t ready, all you can do is respect their feelings. Babies are a lot of responsibilities. If you and your partner feel like you are both on the same page and are ready to become parents, Cupid wishes you well.

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3. Game plan: Anything could happen either before or after the baby is born. If you and your partner are ready, make sure you have a game plan. Having some type of a general plan of how you want to do things helps tremendously. Coming up with plans will make you and your partner feel a little more comfortable and will prepared to have your own bundle of joy. If you feel confident with your plans and you feel the time is right, it’s game time!

What are some ways you know that you and your partner are ready to have children? Share below.

Celebrity Engagement: Justin Bieber ‘Needed’ This Engagement to Hailey Baldwin

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement seems to be just what this blossoming celebrity relationship needed. According to UsMagazine.com, we know Bieber’s stardom came after being adored by the younger generation during his debut. Since then, the pop star hasn’t been able to shake this image. The celebrity couple are more than excited for their future. With talks of a celebrity wedding, it looks like our Bieber is growing up.

This celebrity engagement came at a good time in Justin’s life. What are some ways to know you’re ready for marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just when you think things can’t get any better, BOOM, you’re engaged! As exciting and overwhelming as it can be, marriage is a great goal to strive for. Cupid has some advice on ways to know if you are ready for marriage:

1. Slow and steady: Knowing if you are ready for marriage takes sitting down and examining your relationship. Rushing through things can eventually hurt your relationship. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Take your time and sort things out. No relationship is perfect, but if you have a strong foundation, you may just be ready for marriage. Make sure you are taking enough time to think things over. While you don’t want to have the longest engagement like Roy and Pam from The Office, make sure enough time is given to get things in order.

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2. Be the bigger person: A big part of being in a relationship, let alone a marriage, is sometimes having to be the bigger person. Compromising is a big part of being in a relationship. Marriage is a lot of work and lots of added stress. Make sure you are able to utilize these important tools. Marriages are two way streets just like any other relationship. Be prepared.

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3. Right is right: Make sure you are getting married for the right reasons. Don’t get married because your cousin Michele, who is always in competition with you, just got married so now you have to out do her. Marriage is a sacred union and is something to be taken seriously. You are not only bounded together by faith, but by law. Those two words represent a lifetime commitment. If you are in it for the right reasons, then why not?

What are some ways you can tell you are ready for marriage? Share below.

Celebrity News: Selena Gomez ‘Doesn’t Care’ About Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Selena Gomez is reportedly unbothered by celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement. According to UsMagazine.com, Gomez was seen on a boat with her friends living her best life when news broke about the engagement. Bieber and Gomez were a couple from 2011 to 2015, on and off. After the celebrity relationship ended for the last time, Gomez and her circle don’t speak about Bieber. Apparently in the past, Bieber had a habit of making his relationships very public to upset Gomez. By the looks of it, Gomez is more than okay with this recent development.

In celebrity news, there’s no big green monster to be found in Selena Gomez. What are some ways to handle jealousy when your ex moves on with someone new?

Cupid’s Advice:

In some cases it’s hard to see an ex with someone new. As hard as it can be, you have to keep it together. Cupid has some advice on how to handle jealousy when your ex moves on with someone new:

1. Try not to look!: With social media taking over, it can be hard to avoid finding out about an ex and their new partner. As much as you may have the urge to lurk, don’t look. Whether you broke up on good or bad terms, it will hurt the same when you see it. As long as you keep lurking, the more upset and angry you will get. Don’t do it to yourself.

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2. “I don’t want to hear it”: While your friends may think they are doing you a favor by telling you your ex’s every move, you have to tell them that you don’t want to hear it. Constantly hearing about your ex won’t help you heal and move on. A good idea is to have a conversation with the people closest to you and have a mutual agreement on not bringing up your ex. This combined with fun with your loved ones will help you have a smooth and healthy healing.

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3. It’s not a competition: When seeing your ex with someone else, your first instinct may be to go out there and just jump into something with someone else. Bad idea! Keep your cool and take your time with getting back on the dating scene. Don’t go out and hurt someone else to make your partner jealous. Not only will you hurt someone else, it will only hurt you more. Keep calm and work through it. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

What are some ways that you deal with jealousy when you ex moves on? Share below

Celebrity Wedding: Surprise! Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are Engaged

By Rhodesia Williams

In latest celebrity news, it looks like Justin Bieber and girlfriend Hailey Baldwin are engaged. According to EOnline.com, the on-again-off-again celebrity couple have been dating for three years. Within the last couple of weeks, Bieber and Baldwin started up their celebrity relationship again and have been in love ever since. Sources say the couple are very happy and enjoy each other’s company. Who would’ve thought just a few weeks of a rekindled love would lead to a celebrity wedding?

There’s a celebrity wedding in the works for Justin and Hailey. What are some ways to know you’ve been dating long enough to get engaged?

Cupid’s Advice:

As time flies by in a relationship, it’s normal to consider marriage. You may ask yourself, “When is the right time?” Cupid has some advice on ways to know you’ve been dating long enough to get engaged:

1. Are you ready?: Getting engaged is not only telling the world that you are ready to take the next step, but it’s also letting each other know. Marriage is a big commitment and takes a lot of work. Although weddings are glorified with all that goes into it, after it’s all said and done, you and your partner are now bound together. Have a serious talk with your soon-to-be spouse about the topic. While the amount of time you’ve spent together is a factor, more important is making sure you are both ready.

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2. Knowledge is power: When dating, you get to know just about everything you need to know about your partner. Make sure you know, understand and can accept your partner for who they are. It’s not uncommon for people to get married and then realize that their partner either changed or started doing things that they’ve never seen or realized. If you are confident that you know your partner and can accept their flaws, then it sounds like you are just about ready.

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3. Timing: Timing is everything when it comes to engagements. While for some, dating for a few months is considered a long time, others need years. If you are still working out important kinks in your relationship, it may be a little early to get engaged. Relationships are constant work but if you feel like you have put the time and effort in and you are ready, than why not? It’s kind of like retirement; sometimes you just need the time in order to reap the benefits.

What are some ways that help you realize you are ready for the next step? Share below.

Celebrity Break-Up: Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole Split After 2 Years Together

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have decided to split after two years together. According to UsMagazine.com, the celebrity break up comes after rumors of cheating among other things. The celebrity couple started dating in 2015. Cole says that the celebrity relationship went through it’s struggles but through it all they will continue to love their son, Bear, and continue to co-parent.

This celebrity break-up comes after a long-term relationship. What are some ways to know your relationship has run its course?

Cupid’s Advice:

As hard as it is, sometimes the one you love just isn’t the one for you. Cupid has some advice on ways to know if your relationship has run its course:

1. Unexplained anger: Are you and your partner constantly fighting? Is there unexplained tension or anger between the two of you? This is a clear indicator that there is something wrong and should be brought to each other’s attention. There are clearly some issues that need to be worked out and unfortunately if the issues can’t be fixed, maybe its time to say goodbye.

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2. Are you happy?: Your happiness matters! If you or your partner aren’t happy then its time to break up. Staying in an unhealthy environment isn’t going to make things better and can cause issues later on. Discuss things that can help boost the positivity in your relationship. If you can’t seem to get it right then it’s time to call it quits. Breaking up doesn’t mean you don’t love each other, but you guys are preserving the love you have left.

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3. You aren’t at work: Although relationships are work, you shouldn’t feel like you are at work when with your partner.

What are some other ways to know your relationship may be over? Share your thoughts below.

Celebrity Wedding News: Kaley Cuoco Marries Karl Cook

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Big Bang star Kaley Cuoco finally married her boyfriend Karl Cook. According to EOnline.com, the celebrity couple tied the knot, and Cuoco couldn’t be any happier. The celebrity relationship started a year after Cuoco’s celebrity divorce from husband Ryan Sweeting.

This celebrity wedding is Kaley Cuoco’s second time down the aisle. If your first marriage didn’t work out, what are some reasons to give it another shot?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes marriages don’t work out, but that’s okay. It’s important to stay positive because you may end up meeting your soulmate later. Cupid will share a few reasons why you should give marriage another shot:

1. Knowledge: Although your first marriage didn’t work out, you have learned the basics of marriage. You know what you can or can not do and in general what kind of marriage you are looking for.

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2. Happiness: Just because your first marriage didn’t work out, doesn’t mean your second one won’t. You know what they say, sometimes you just have to get back on the horse. Once

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3. Don’t give up: Even though your first marriage didn’t work out, you can still have the family life you want. With time and patience you will find the right one. Don’t give up on your dream of having a family and enjoying your lif because of one bad relationship. Remember, giving up is not an option!

What are some reasons why you would give your marriage another shot? Share below