Celebrity Couple News: Niall Horan & Hailee Steinfeld Confirm Relationship with PDA

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld confirmed their new celebrity relationship with some public affection. According to UsMagazine.com, the new celebrity couple have been photographed numerous of times since January in New York and even at Disneyland. It looks like this celebrity dating is just getting started.

In celebrity couple news, Niall and Hailee and bringing their relationship into the public eye with some serious displays of affection. What are some ways to announce your relationship to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s exciting being in a new relationship and it’s even more exciting to tell friends and family. Cupid has some ways to announce your relationship to your friends and family:

1. See it to believe it: As much as family have friends have heard about this new flame, a good introduction would be to bring them to a party or gathering. While yes, you and your new partner may steal the spot light for a bit, this will be the perfect time for everyone to meet. Whether it is a family party or a get together with friends, you will be able to introduce your new partner to a group rather than one by one. You also won’t have to repeat yourself as many times.

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2. Telephone: While you can talk about your new relationship with a simple phone call, your friends and family will end up playing the game telephone. You can just throw in the towel if your parents know. From aunts, uncles, and cousins, you can bet that when you are asked about your new flame, their version of your new lover will be different. The telephone also eliminates you having to tell everyone. I’m sure if you tell your big mouthed cousin she will tell everyone.

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3. Social media: A cute way to introduce your new flame to friends and family could be through social media. As we all know, news travels extra fast with social media. A cute post will definitely shock your friends and but also shows your loved ones about your relationship. Now you won’t have to hear those dreadful questions of why are you single and when will you find someone.

What are some ways you would announce your new relationship? Share below.

Celebrity Wedding News: Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka Push Back Wedding Date

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity wedding news, Paris Hilton and fiancé Chris Zylka have pushed back their wedding day. According to EOnline.com, the celebrity couple got engaged over the New Year’s holiday. A source said, “Paris had her heart set on an 11/11 wedding. That was her dream date. But there’s just too much to do and between her work and travel schedule, not enough time to do it. She is dead set on getting married so the wedding will happen. Just not as quickly as she had hoped. As of now, it’s looking like a spring wedding instead.”

In celebrity wedding news, sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to postpone your wedding. What are some ways to prioritize your wedding without other important things taking a back seat?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes in life, things get busy and planning a wedding can be very hectic. But, Cupid has some tips on how to prioritize your wedding without neglecting any other priorities:

1. Plan your time well: If you’re settled on a wedding date but are also busy with other things like work and family, it’s important you plan your time well. Keep a well-organized schedule of when you want to do things so you can minimize stress and won’t get overwhelmed in the future.

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2. Ask for help: There’s no shame in asking for support from people who love you. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to help with wedding planning if you have a lot of other things going on in your life. Plus, your partner can obviously be there to help split the tasks with you.

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3. Stay calm: In the end, it’s important to know that you’re not perfect and life can be hectic. It’s okay if your wedding isn’t perfectly planned, as long as you and your fiancé love each other it’ll all be perfect!

Have any more tips on how to balance wedding planning and other life priorities? Comment below!

Love & Libations: Celebs Create In The Name of Love

By Yolanda Shoshana

Everyday it seems like another celebrity is announcing a new wine or spirit. It’s hard to keep up, especially when some of them are being quiet about it. There are some famous folks who just put their name on some booze so they can make money. However there are some celebs who do it for love. Below is a list of libations that the stars are putting their heart into.

In The Name of Love Celebrities Libations

Kelsey Grammer was recently in the news due to the possibility of a Frasier reboot. It was exciting news for fans of the show. While Frasier Crane was an avid sherry lover, what you may not know about Grammer is that he’s working on opening a brewery in the Delaware Country near the Catskill Mountains called Faith American Ale. He bought the land over 25 years ago because he loved going to area when he was growing up, starting a celebrity vacation trend. The actor went into rehab in 1996, but has stopped going to AA and enjoys a drink from time to time.

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Somewhere along the way, Sting teamed up with Shaggy, making celebrity news. This has made his music relevant to a whole new set of fans. When not making music, Sting is giving his time to wine. Italy has been one of Sting’s favorite places to spend time with his wife. The iconic couple is making the wine on their estate, Villa II Palagio. All of the wines are named after Sting’s biggest hits, since he says “ a wine is like a song- it has a story to tell”. If you want, you can rent the villa for a romantic getaway and sip copious amounts of Italian wine.

Jensen Ackles is known to his fans as one half of the Winchester boys on Supernatural. When he’s not slaying demons, Ackles is all about beer. He started the brewery, Family Brewing Business, with his wife, Daneel Ackles, who you may know from the show One Tree Hill or One Life To Live. Their goal is to bring people together over good beer, food, and music in their Austin-based tap room. Take Ackles relationship advice: the couple that brews beer together stays together.

Nicki Minaj recently caused a stir on Twitter by claiming her album was delayed due to not being able to have a song cleared by the music legend, Tracy Chapman. Normally the drama that surrounds Minaj is centered around her love life. It’s hard to keep up with the rapper’s controversies. It’s easy to miss that she has a line of bubbly moscatos and sangrias called Myx Fusions. According to Minaj, she didn’t want to create an ordinary wine, though it’s safe to say anything Minaj does wouldn’t be considered ordinary. If only her relationships were as sweet as her line of wine.

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Ryan Phillippe will forever be known for his bad boy role in Cruel Intentions. He’s gone form heartthrob to DILF. I have to admit I was tardy to the Phillippe party until catching his latest show, Shooter. Lately he’s been posting about Phillippe Vineyards. While there has been no formal announcement, it appears as if he is getting into the wine game with his family. Phillippe’s love life is always a bit bumpy, but his love for his family or a glass of wine can’t be denied. Time will tell what he has cooking.

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Celebrity News: Find Out Why Angelina Jolie is Waging War Over Custody with Brad Pitt

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity news, Angelina Jolie is waging a way over custody of her six children with Brad Pitt after their celebrity divorce. In a court document filed August 7 by Jolie’s legal team, Jolie claimed Pitt “has paid no meaningful child support” in the 23 months since their separation. According to UsMagazine.com, sources say the reason Jolie is revving up the custody battle is because, “She sees the writing on the wall: Joint custody is a done deal, and there is nothing she can do to stop it.” Pitt was the subject of a child services investigation immediately following Jolie’s divorce filing, but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. Though Jolie has held primary custody of the kids, Pitt has been granted increased visitation rights. In June, Pitt was granted temporary shared custody for the summer by an L.A. judge. An insider said, “Brad is done playing doormat to Angie, hoping that would tamp down her anger. He is going to trust his lawyers and inner circle of friends to continue to be there for him — and get him joint custody of the kids.”

In celebrity news, Angelina Jolie isn’t going to go quietly into the night when it comes to the custody of her children. What are some ways to make a custody battle more civil?

Cupid’s Advice:

Custody battles can be hard for both the parents and the children. Cupid has some tips on how to make it easier:

1. Think of your children: During a custody battle, it’s important you remember the reason you are going through all of this: your children. Do your best to keep things civil to ease the pain and turmoil your kids will have to go through with their parents splitting up.

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2. Open communication: Even if you may have negative feelings towards your ex, it’s important you keep communication open during a custody battle. Icing each other out will only cause more tension and cause things to get uncivil.

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3. Understand each other: As much as you might want to loathe your ex and have them have zero contact with your kids, it’s important you understand where they are coming from and the love they have for your children. Be understanding and respect that they deserve time with your children as well.

Have any more tips on how to make a custody battle more civil? Comment below!

Celebrity Break Up: Jennifer Garner Wants Ben Affleck to “Work on His Health” Before Finalizing Divorce

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity break up news, Jennifer Garner isn’t rushing to finalize her celebrity divorce from Ben Affleck. According to UsMagazine.com, new court documents state that the couple was warned by a judge in the L.A. Superior Court that if the two can’t settle their divorce case, a judge has the right to call it off. But, apparently Garner has been stalling the divorce. A source said, “Jen wanted to give Ben the time and opportunity to work on his health and sobriety. She isn’t in a rush.” The insider added that Garner wants Affleck to be “the best father he can be” to their three kids and “wants what’s best for the kids. But, it seems Affleck is ready to move on, as he’s been dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus. The source added, “Ben would have liked to have finished this and closed the books sooner.” But, “Jen just isn’t willing to settle the custody issues until she’s 100 percent certain that he’s clean.”

Jennifer Garner isn’t rushing to finalize her divorce with Ben Affleck because she cares about his wellbeing. What are some ways to support your ex after a break up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Breaking up with an ex can be hard when they are going through a rough time. Cupid has some tips on how to support your ex after a break up:

1. Give them space: After a break up, sometimes the best thing you can do for your ex is to give them space. They need to heal from the split just like you, so giving your ex space can be good for both of you.

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2. Talk to their friends: If you don’t want to be the one to directly help your ex, talk to their friends or family and let them know you think they are in need of some help. They can then take the lead and figure out how to help out.

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3. Be there for them: If you’re comfortable with it, you can keep the door for conversation open with your ex. Make it clear that you want things to be platonic, but that you are also willing to be a friend to them and are there to talk them through anything they are dealing with.

Have any more ways to support an ex after a break up? Comment below!

Celebrity Couple News: Nick Jonas’ Family Traveling to India to Meet Priyanka Chopra’s Family

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity couple news, Nick Jonas is bringing his family to India to meet his fiancée Priyanka Chopra’s family before their celebrity wedding. A source told UsMagazine.com, “It’s a tradition to go meet the family before the wedding,” and that Chopra, “wants an Indian wedding.” The source added that “[Nick] is super supportive of her and he’s thrilled.” This will be the couple’s second trip to India, as Jonas went to Mumbai in June to meet Chopra’s mother. Jonas and Chopra recently got engaged in late July after two months of dating. The couple hasn’t publicly confirmed the engagement, but it seems things are pretty serious for the two.

In celebrity couple news, Nick Jonas is bringing his family to meet Priyanka Chopra’s. What are some tips on how to introduce your family to your partner’s family?

Cupid’s Advice:

If things between you and your partner are getting serious, it’s probably time for both of your families to meet each other. Cupid has some tips on how to do it:

1. Find common ground: If you’re going to introduce your family to your partner’s family, then you should try to find some areas in common both your family members might have with each other. When everyone meets, bring up topics that should help the two sides get along. One thing everyone is sure to bond over is how much they want both you and your partner to be happy!

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2. Plan it well: This huge family meeting can’t go well unless it’s well planned. Make sure you have all travel plans and dinner reservations well thought out and scheduled so no problems arise last minute that will stress you out even more.

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3. Prepare both sides: If you think there might be any potential conflict between families, you should warn family members to be sensitive to each other. Tell them that you really want things to go well because you love your partner and want your families to come together as one.

Have any more tips on how to introduce your family to your partner’s family? Comment below!

Celebrity Baby News: Jason Aldean & Wife Brittany Reveal Sex of Baby No. 2

By Rhodesia Williams

In celebrity news, Jason and Brittany Aldean revealed the gender of their celebrity baby! According to EOnline.com, the celebrity couple have gone through a lot in the pregnancy department. The couple decided to do a gender reveal for their daughters. Jason tossed a ball while his daughters took turns trying to hit one to see what color was inside. It looks like this celebrity relationship found light at the end of the tunnel. Congrats to the happy couple, who are expecting a baby girl.

In celebrity baby news, Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany are expecting a second girl. What are some unique ways to announce the sex of your unborn baby?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s safe to say the most exciting part of a pregnancy is finding out the sex of the baby. Cupid has some advice on unique ways to announce the sex of your unborn baby:

1. Gender reveal parties: Gender reveal parties are all the rave now! Instead of having just a baby shower, people will also have a gender reveal as well. This party includes everyone in on the fun. There are plenty of games to be played, like at a baby shower. People reveal the gender by releasing balloons in the air or even cutting a cake with the inside being the color of the gender. This is a fun way to include friends in family in on the excitement.

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2. Surprise, surprise!: A fun way to announce the gender of your unborn baby is to decorate the baby’s room with the colors related to the gender. Invite close friends over for a small get together with them just thinking it’s just that, a get together. While still being able to play little games, or even take a few bets, later on you can tell your guests that the get together is to reveal the gender. You can reveal the gender by simply opening the door the baby’s room. Your guests will be in shock and won’t expect it.

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3. Invites only: A unique way of announcing the sex of your baby could be included with the baby shower invitations. Being pregnant is tiring but to be continuously asked what you are having could be runner up. Surprise everyone by sending out baby shower invites that correlate to the sex of the baby. While people will think they are receiving a aby shower invite, they will be surprised to learn the gender of the baby. A good idea is to have the details of the invitation on the front and in small letters at the bottom write, “by the way.” On the back you then reveal the gender. It’s a cute, yet easy way to reveal the gender of your bundle of joy.

What are some unique ways to announce the sex of your unborn baby? Share below.